Privacy Policy


With this Privacy Policy, we inform you and establish the basis by which you will use the platform

Tour pour Tous is not an agency travel. From we facilitate, to those who wish to travel to Cuba, the search of lodging in particular houses properly recognized by the Cuban authorities, and other legal services.

We understand that, at the time you begin using our services you will trust your information to us, what means that you will see here the data we gather, the reasons and how we use them. IF YOU ARE NOT IN AGREEMENT WITH OUR PRIVACY POLICY YOU CAN NOT MAKE USE OF OUR PLATFORM.

In fulfillment and accordance with all we dispose in the "Law about the protection of personal information and electronic documents" in Canada, we inform all users about the web site that may facilitate your personal data, so these are going to be incorporated in an automated file and we guarantee any right of access, correction, annulment and information, according to the terms disposed in the actual legislation.

Due to, WHEN USING OUR PLATFORM YOU ARE ACCEPTING OUR PRIVACY POLITICS AND OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS, and because of its importance, we hope you spend some time reading it carefully.

We incorporate a small glossary at the end of the document that will allow you, in case of doubts about any term used, a better understanding of our Privacy Policy.

Information we gather.

By the time you begin using our platform, we gather information to show a better service and personalize your experience, which will be categorized in the following ways:

Information you are providing

The platform contains different sections where you will be required to give some information in order to allow an adequate development. The sections are explained below:

User register

In order to make the reservations, it is required to follow a process of registration (creating an account). This is a two way process:

  1. Completing the form of our web site: In this variant, it is an obligatory requirement to provide your full name, a valid e-mail, your country of residence and an access password. The rest of the data is optional, but as more information you provide, the chance of personalizing and ameliorating the service is higher.

  2. Using social networks: By using this variant, we will have access to the information given by these platforms and at the same time they are in accordance with your settings and the respective Privacy Politics. The information is usually, but not limited to them: e-mail, profile picture and full name.

Regular user profile:

In the regular User Profile you can, but not limited to it:

  1. Modify your data in the moment you wish. Apart from providing additional information to the one given at the moment of your registration. We want to make special emphasis in the option of link/delink (or unlink) your account to social networks. When associating your account in Tour pour Tous to one of the available account on the social networks:
  • You will be able to authenticate yourself using the social networks, without losing access or the data from your user account. This will allow you to access by using your user name and password from the platform or, from the linked social networks.

  • You will be able to unlink your account from the social networks in the moment you wish, and as a result the information associated will be deleted, too.

  1. Deleting your user account at any moment. As a result of this action the user information will be deleted and particularly, although not limited to them:
  • All the reservations made are going to be cancelled and depending on the case the Terms and Conditions specified are going to be applied (see section Annulment (Deletion or Cancellation) in Terms and Conditions.

  • The contact information and the possible links existing between this account and social networks are going to be deleted.

  • The lodging registered and the reservations made in every lodging, are going to be deleted, in the case you were a host.

User profile as a host

A regular user becomes a host at the moment he/she registers a lodging (during this process you will be asked to provide certain information that will be later published).

If this is your case, it means, if you have already become a host, you will have the opportunity to modify in any moment the information provided in the section intended to this end. You can also stop the publication of the announcement when you wish to do it without deleting it.

Host register

In the process of registration of a lodging, we require to provide some information that will be later published with the rest of the announcements of other hosts.


What is more, if you want to delete your lodging, you should only send a message through the form from the contact page after being authenticated.

Contact form

In case of questions, complaints, suggestions or, if you just want to get in contact because of any other theme, you could do it through the contact form.

In this form, we require you to provide your full name and e-mail, what will help us to send you an answer in case of being required.

Bulletin register

You have the chance to receive the bulletin that will keep you informed about different topics. When asking for the registration of this service, you are accepting that Tour pour Tous will send you promotional e-mails. You can register or cancel your subscription by marking or unmarking, severally, the button used for this end in your User Profile.

If you do not dispose of a user account, you can, equally, register yourself in the section intended to this service in the base of every page where you provide your address e-mail. We make special emphasis in the fact that we do not send spam e-mails.

In any case, you can cancel your subscription by following the link for this purpose in every publication. You will, automatically, stop receiving it and your information related to this service will be deleted.

Information we obtain from the use of our services

As a result of the use of the platform it is obtained, principally but not limited to it, the following information:

  1. Places you travel
  2. Required data to make the reservations
  3. History of the reservations
  4. Favorite accommodations

Local storage

We can compile and store information (including personal information) in your device with mechanisms such as web storage from the internet searcher (including HTML 5) and cache memories of the information of the application.

Cookies and similar technologies

Different technologies and tools are used to collect and store information and this can include the use of cookies or similar technologies to identify your internet searcher or device. We also use these technologies to gather and collect information when you interact with the services offered to our affiliates. The Google Analytics tool helps us to analyze the traffic in the web site. The data we manage in this kind of tool remains anonymous; what means that we do not gather, store or send any relationship among the users and those actions and schedules, or some other information, so there is no possible way of making a link that may help us to identify you. IN ANYCASE, TOUR POUR TOUS DOES NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY OF THE DATA GATHERED BY THESE TOOLS OR ASSOCIATED SITES. FOR A BETTER UNDERSTANDING ABOUT THE WAY THESE TOOLS OR ASSOCIATED SITES GATHER THE INFORMATION, READ THE RESPECTIVE PRIVACY POLICY.

How do we use the information we gather?

Apart from the e-mails, the telephone numbers and the addresses, the rest of the information provided by you is potentially public, but it will only be used if necessary.

The users in an expressly, free and unambiguous way accept the use of their personal information by Tour pour Tour in order to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. Remission of commercial and publicity communications by e-mail, SMS, social networks or any other electronic or physical means, present or future, that may allow making commercial communication. These commercial communications are going to be related to the services offered, and from the part of the collaborators and affiliates that may reach any agreement on commercial promotion among the users. In this case, the thirds will never have access to the personal information. In any case, the commercial communications are going to be developed by our platform and are going to be about products and services related to Tour pour Tous.

  2. To make statistical and reconnaissance studies.

  3. To establish contact among the parts involved in a reservation and all the communication and notifications derived from the action of reserving. What is more, the contact information (e-mail and telephone number of the parts and address of the reserved lodging) is revealed to the involved parts at the moment of confirming the reservation, what allows the communication and direct link among the parts.

  4. To negotiate assignments, requests or any kind of petition made by the user through any of the contact ways set at the users’ disposal in the platform on line.

  5. To emit the electronic bulletin.

  6. To allow the administrators of Tour pour Tous the access to your account and the information you provide (including your e-mail address and other information).

Tour pour Tous will respect in all moments the confidentiality of the information provided in our platform and informs you that this data will not be given in any case to thirds, juridical or naturals having opposite objectives to the ones exposed here.

Information you share

Our platform allows you to share information with other people through different ways. Remember that, when you share information, it can be gathered by the motors of search, the platform or the device used to share it. TOUR POUR TOUS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE INFORMATION YOU SHARE OUT OF OUR PLATFORM.

Information we share

We do not share personal information with enterprises, organizations or people who do not belong to Tour pour Tous, with different ends to the ones specified in this document, unless one of the following circumstances arrives:

With your consent

We will share personal information with enterprises, organizations or other people out of Tour pour Tous only with your consent, because of reasons that are not expected in this document. We will request you to give your consent for these cases.

For legal reasons

We will share personal information with enterprises, organizations or people out of Tour pour Tous if we really believe that the access, the use, the conservation and the publication of the information is reasonably necessary for:

  1. To fulfill the laws, rules and legal processes or the governmental and applicable demands.

  2. To guarantee the accomplishment of the Conditions of the corresponding services, including the research of possible violations.

  3. To detect, avoid or in another way deal with technical, fraud or security problems.

  4. To protect from possible damage the rights, the property or the security of Tour pour Tous, of our users or the public according to what the laws establish or allow.

It is possible to share information without permitting your personal identification either public or with our affiliates, announcers or connected sites. For example, we can share information to show the tendencies about the general use of our services.

Security of the information

We make huge efforts to protect our users from the non-authorized access and any modification, publication or non-authorized destruction of the information. In order to do it, we:

  1. Encode our services (the ones requiring it) using SSL.

  2. Check our practices of summary, storage and data process, including our measures of physical security.

  3. Restrict the access to the personal information to those agents who need to know this data in order to process it for us, and are linked to strict contractual obligations of confidentiality, they may be fired or penalized in the case they do not accomplish what is established.

Links to thirds

The platform Tour pour Tous may contain links to other sites. Once you follow these links and abandon our page, we have no control over the place you are being re-addressed, so we are not responsible of the terms, conditions, privacy policy and protection of the data in these sites of thirds. We can mention as examples, but not limited to it:

  1. When you authenticate yourself using the social networks or link your account to them.

  2. When you visit the page of one of our partners.

  3. When you make a payment of a reservation.

Those sites are attached to their own privacy policies, so we recommend you to consult them in order to be sure that you are in agreement with them.

Applicability of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is applied to the services offered in the platform Tour pour Tous.

This Privacy Policy is not applied to the services offered by other enterprises or individuals, including the products or sites that may appear linked or associated to Tour pour Tous.

This Privacy Policy does not cover the practices of information of other enterprises and organizations that announce our services and may use cookies and other technologies to provide and offer relevant announcements.


Our Privacy Policy may occasionally update itself. We will publish in this page the modifications and will notify about them if they are considered as relevant.

Final considerations

IP addresses

The servers of the web site can detect, automatically, the IP address and the name and domain used by the user.

All this information is stored in an activity file of the server that will allow the later prosecution of the information with the objective of obtaining statistical measurements as: the number of printed pages, the number of visits made to the web services, the order of visits, the point of access, etc.

SSL Protocol and Security Certificate.

The platform, at the same time, makes use of different techniques of information security, generally accepted in the industry, like: firewalls, procedures of access control and cryptographic mechanisms, all these with the objective of avoiding the non-authorized access to the information.

Consequently, all the information you provide to Tour pour Tous is transmitted in an encoded way through the net using the SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Layer), what means that the information is protected, so its safety is completely guaranteed.

Cookies policy and file activity

When making use of the platform Tour pour Tous, some data is collected and automatically recorded using the cookies; these ones are only associated to an anonymous user and his/her computer, and they do not provide personal information of the user by themselves.

What do we use cookies for?

Through the use of cookies is possible that the server recognizes the internet searcher web used by the user, with the objective of ameliorating his/her experience in the platform. This action allows, among other ends, the access to users that have been already registered, to accede to the areas and services exclusively reserved for hem, without need of registering in every visit. They are also used to measure the audience and parameters of traffic, controlling the progress and number of entrance.

Revocation and elimination of cookies

When accepting the cookies of Tour pour Tous or their service providers, the user accepts storing them in his/her computer.

We must point out that, for making use of the platform Tour pour Tous, it is not necessary for the user to allow the storage of the cookies sent by the server. Nevertheless, when disabling the use of cookies the service will be limited due to some actions as the authentication and reservations of the services, among others, cannot be used.

If the user does not wish to collect information obtained through the use of cookies, he/she has the possibility to form the options of his/her internet searcher to be warned about their reception, this will allow the user to delete them or stopping their installation in the computer. Please, consult the instructions and manuals of your internet searcher to wide this information.

What kinds of cookies are used in this site?

Technical cookies: Are those that allow the user makes the navigation through a web page, platform or application, in order to use the options or services offered.

Cookies of analysis: Are those that, either treated by Tour pour Tous or by thirds allow the development of an analysis of the navigation across the web site and measure, statistically, the indicators referring to visits and uses given to the offered services by the user in order to ameliorate them.



What do we understand by an IP address?

An IP address is a number automatically assigned to a computer when it is connected to a net.

What is a security certificate?

The security certificate is an ensemble of electronic documents emitted by a Certified Entity.

For making it reliable, the person who emits it must be a trustworthy organism able to validate the source of the information.

What is the SSL protocol?

The SSL protocol is applied in the exchange of information and it allows ensuring the authentication, confidentiality and integrity of the data provided through the internet.

To protect the information settled in a domain using the protocol SSL, it is necessary to install a security certificate in that domain. This functionality allows encoding the exchanged information.

The web addresses protected by this protocol always begin by http://(for example:

What are cookies?

Cookies are the small text files sent to the internet searcher through a web server, in order to register the activities of the user during his/her time of navigation. These records are stored and widely used to ensure the working of Internet sites, to reflect your preferences and to provide information to the owners about the web pages you visit.