Initial idea

Tour pour Tous is born as the result of a meeting between two adventurous Cubans who have had similar routes in their lives. Graduated, both, in Computer Sciences at the University of Havana and, what is more with a vast experience within the business world, they always dreamed about opening their own company.

From 2011, different economic, social and political transformations were held in Cuba. There were also some positive changes in the foreign policy of various countries towards the island, what permitted the rise of a new stage that became feasible for giving origin to Tour pour Tous. As a consequence, the interest for the Biggest of the Antilles grew because of the peculiarities of its culture, nature, history and specially the possibility of meeting and sharing with the Cubans.

It was by means of these changes, that was considered that the correct moment had arrived in order to create the platform Tour pour Tous. It disposes of a very simple and economical way of reserving the services given by the owners to the tourists, such as: lodging, transportation and others, in order to help them plan their trip.

The platform offers useful sections in relation to the different cities and destinies, so the user has complementary information that allows knowing what to do during the trip in Cuba, while discovering and learning about it.

Did you know that.....? When traveling to Cuba, under the modality of share-economy and while enjoying in Cuba, you are also helping to improve the life of millions of Cubans. They put their resources and efforts in your hands in order to make you completely satisfied and provide an unforgettable experience.

We hope this platform will satisfy your expectations; you find the tourism modality share-economy as the best alternative and think about Tour pour Tous as the first option to conform your trip during your stay in Cuba.