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How to obtain a medical ensure? Updated at Sep. 27, 2017

Travel ensures subscribed by the Cuban ensure companies and by most of the international companies, count on the assistance services for travelers in Cuba of the company ASISTUR SA.

You can, then, acquire your ensure with a company in your country or internationally, nevertheless if you arrive without any medical ensure you will be forced to hire a policy with ASISTUR state ensure company.

Before arriving to the house, you must get in contact with your host; if it is possible do it before your travel so you can ask any question about the trip.

When arriving to the house, it is probably that your host will be waiting for you, it only depends on the agreements you made for your arrival.

Then, you can (by listening to some pieces of advice of your host) make a preliminary itinerary of your trip.

You can also arrange the moment where you will pay his/her services.

Since the moment you make your lodging reservation and you receive your confirmation, you should not have any availability trouble.

Every host subscribed in the platform must respect the reservations of lodging in every requested date according to the politic of Tour pour Tous; or actions could be taken. Even the subscription of those hosts and their lodgings can be erased in case they do not accomplish what was agreed with the clients or do not respect the Terms and Policies of Tour pour Tous.

Though, if that were the case and at the moment of arriving to the lodging it is already occupied by someone else, we strongly recommend to get in touch with Tour pour Tous, because even when we are not responsible of those accidental events derived from bad behaviors, Tour pour Tous is in disposition of listening to, interfering and searching for the solutions of any need or concern the users may have.

In the page you receive confirming the reservation, you will be provided of the necessary data for helping you to establish contact with any of the agents of Tour pour Tous.

What to do when arriving to the airport? Updated at Sep. 27, 2017

José Martí International Airport of Havana City is the principal airport of the country and that is why most of the travelers arrive to Cuba by Havana. Even though, depending on your destiny you can arrive to the country by any other city, too.

Arriving in the airport, immigration control will ask for your passport, your return ticket and your visa, if it is required. They will also ask for your medical ensure.

In case they ask you about the address of your lodging, you can firmly show it to them and even the name of your host according to the information from your confirmation e-mail, anyway they have a list with all the legal lodgings.

After the immigration control, you will go through the room of bands in order to get your bags, immediately we recommend you to go to CADECA (Official Exchange House) to exchange some money into CUC so you can cover your first expenses.

Once out of the airport, the safest way to get to your destiny is using the taxis. If you are in Havana City they usually cost from the airport and depending on the address of your lodging between 25 and 35 CUC and they last between 30 and 40 minutes. Never allow your taxi driver to change the destiny, you can not only lose your reserve (made in our platform) but also they can get you to an ILEGAL house.

What to do for renting a car in Cuba? Updated at Sep. 27, 2017

You can contact with Transtur, REX, Cubacar, Havanautos, Transgaviota or VIA agencies to make your reservations on line. The prices vary depending on the company but they are normally around the 50 CUC per day.

When arriving in Cuba and signing your contract, be sure that the documents of the car are in rule and your license driver is still valid.

If you are thinking of traveling to other cities or while long distances, you need your tank always filled, gas stations are generally in the principal cities so there are long distances for arriving from one to another. Gas costs around 1 CUC each liter.

The agency where you rent the car will take care of the road assistance so be sure you ask for the emergency number.

Where can I exchange my money? Updated at Sep. 27, 2017

For obtaining Convertible Cuban Pesos (CUC), you will need to do the exchange in Cuba; it is the only place where this money is used. You can do the exchange at the airports, exchange houses (CADECAS) and banks.

You must know that, a tax of 10 per cent has been imposed to the American dollar; that is why it will be better if you travel with euros, sterling pounds or Canadian dollar.

1 CUC is the same as 1.00 American dollar, for changing the rest of the currencies, they take into account this equivalence. You can check the daily value by searching the Central Bank of Cuba web page.

The exchange in the CADECAs of the airports is more unfavorable than in the ones of the cities.

Once you arrive to the city, you must find one of the official CADECAs or any subsidiary of the Metropolitan Bank or the Bank of Credit and Commerce for obtaining the CUC.

We recommend you, not to exchange on the streets with any estrange person.