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Instant reservations are not allowed. Reservations must be done earlier than 72 hours. To know if it has been accepted by the host, you should wait the notification (by SMS or e-mail) within 12 or 24 hours.

There are a few reasons why they will not accept or will reject your request:

• The lodging you chose is occupied because of a last minute reservation.

• Even if you are watching the availability of the dates, the host may have not updated his calendar.

• Even when the lodging you chose is available within the dates of your trip, it may not have the conditions you need and you have declared in your request.

Can I cancel my reservation? Updated at Sep. 29, 2017

You can cancel your reservation but you will only receive a pay back of the amount paid for the use of the platform before the 72 hours. If you cancel after the 72 hours you will be previously warned about the affectations it may bring about.

You cannot be able to cancel the reservation after the date of the beginning. This will be the case where you do not make use of the service reserved.


It is necessary for the host to know your needs, especially in the cases where you are traveling with a small kid, an old person or a disabled person.

These details can make the difference. As long as you provide more information about your needs, the results in your trip will be better.

How can I assess and make a comment? Updated at Sep. 29, 2017

You can evaluate and make comments, no matter if you are a client or a host.

In any case, you should be already registered and you should have initiated your session, the time of the reservation must be completed too, what means that you can only make comments about those where you have received services.

You can access to the option of Evaluate from the list of Reservations of your profile. Your comment will be completely public. The comments and the opinions given cannot be edited or deleted once you made them.

Yes, of course you can delete your account, but you should know that as a result of this action the data of contact, the possible links to social networks will be deleted too, as well as the reservations made and the lodgings registered.

Besides, they will apply the Terms and Conditions specified for these kinds of cases. (See section Deleting in Terms and Conditions).

Because of this, we recommend you to be aware of the step you are about to give before proceeding to delete, although you can create a new account using the same date and without problems of duplicates.

You can pay with one of the following currencies CAD, USD, EURO or GBP.

If you make your payment with any other currency, the rates of exchange will be applied in the deck of payment and it may have an additional cost according to the conditions of PayPal, so we strongly recommend you to use one of the currencies we offer you here.

When making the payment you will receive an e-mail with the general information of the reservation and the corresponding itinerary. What is more, your profile will be updated with this information.

This data is completely valid for presenting it as a constancy of the correspondent payments and your reservation of certain services.

How does the system of payment work? Updated at Sep. 29, 2017

The deck of payment established by Tour pour Tous is PayPal.

You will pay a percentage on line for using the platform, associated to the total amount of the services reserved in the currency you prefer: CAD, USD, EURO or GBP.

The data will be registered at the moment of the request. In this exact instant, you will authorize the payment of the percentage for using the platform, which will be captured once your reserve is confirmed by the host.

The rest of the money, as well as the services to enjoy, will be paid in Cuba, directly to the hosts.

Take into account that PayPal, as a deck of payment, can make a recharge to your credit account, any additional cost for the service offered. Tour pour Tous is extraneous to that action. We can assure you, from our part that we will not charge more than what we showed at the moment of paying.